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Tips to Help Seniors with Medication Management

Seniors rely on a number of medicines to stay healthy. Medications help seniors live longer and healthier lives but only if they are taken as per the doctor’s instructions. It is very important to ensure that your loved one takes the right dosage and at the right times.

Seniors may find it difficult to keep up with their daily medications schedule. So, here are some tips that can help your aging loved one in managing their medications properly.

  • You can buy a pill box to keep your senior’s medicines safe at one place. The pill box has different sections to keep the medicines and to make easier for seniors to remember their medication.
  • While buying the medicines for your seniors, ask the pharmacist to provide you the one that has a larger print on medication labels. This will make it easier for your loved one to read the guidelines and follow them accordingly.
  • Your senior may rely on a number of different medicines and it can become difficult for them to manage the situation. Therefore, it is always a good idea stay connected to the prescribing physician.

However, if you senior find it difficult to manage their medications, consider hiring an in-home caregiver. An experienced caregiver will not only look after your aging loved one but also ensure proper medication management.

When looking for In-home care provider in Southside Richmond, contact Always Best Care today. It is a noted senior care organization that has bonded, insured, and highly trained caregivers who ensure to provide the best senior care services.

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4 Exercises Seniors Should Never Do

When it comes to exercises for seniors, there are exercise that need to be avoided. It’s easy to choose to do an exercise you did when you were young that that is probably not good for your health at this stage in your life. The decision to do certain exercises can also lead to pain and injuries due to the loss of muscle strength and flexibility over time.

If you’re an older adult, the following are the four exercises that you should never do.

Heavy weights – When you’re over 50, it’s better to avoid the most weight exercises. With loss of muscle strength due to aging, attempting to lift heavy weights can be disastrous.

Abdominal crunches – You may have been doing crunches all your life, but when you are an older adult, it’s better to forgo this habit. It can reinforce the bad slouching posture and increase the risk of spinal fractures. Seniors are advised to avoid bending their back. You can opt for other exercises to improve core strength without putting pressure on your back.

Behind the neck lateral pull downs – These are exercises in which you pull a weight down behind your head. This type of workout can bring your spine out of alignment in your later years. It can put strain on your head and neck and lead to headaches, dizziness and fainting.

Exercises for seniorsLeg extensions – Exercises, where you lift heavy weights with your ankle while in a seated position, can put stress over the kneecap area. It can cause additional wear and tear, damaging your joints.

These are 4 of the workouts that should be avoided, however, there are exercises that are safe for the aging. Always ask your doctor before starting any type of exercise program and ask your loved ones for assistance. The Always Best Care in-home care providers in Richmond can help with mobility and workouts for seniors and the disabled.

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Why Hiring Caregivers is A Good Decision for You and Your Senior?

There comes an age where seniors start depending on others for daily living. It may begin with a little help around the house and end up being 24-hours a day. Handling senior care responsibilities is not an easy task, especially with older adults’ changing care requirements and medical conditions. This is one reason many families prefer to rely on professionals.

Hiring a caregiver may seem like a big hassle unneeded at times, but it can do wonders for your family. Here are a few reasons that show why hiring caregivers is a positive decision for you and your aging loved one.

For your loved one – By hiring a caregiver, you can ensure that your aging loved one gets care from an experienced professional. Caregivers can provide medication reminders, help with housekeeping, personal care, meals and more. They can also provide mobility and transportation assistance, if needed. They work to make sure that seniors are healthy and comfortable in their home. Your senior can rely on caregivers for care and assistance in daily living.

For you – For you, hiring caregivers can be the way to balance between senior care and other responsibilities. Understandably, you may not have time to dedicate yourself completely to senior care duties or your other responsibilities and feel pulled in multiple directions. Caregivers can share those duties and give you some respite.

Those seeking in-home care services in Richmond can contact Always Best Care to get reliable solutions. They have been serving clients since 1996 with their team of experienced caregivers. Call today at (804) 912-5688 for more info.

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How Seniors can Prepare for Summer?

Summer is letting its presence known with a blistering sun. For most people, summer preparations are all about changing their wardrobe and getting ready for the vacations. But for seniors, it is much more than that. Older adults need to take special care of their health in the summer reason to avoid any health problems such as dehydration, hyperthermia and food borne illnesses.

Here is how older adults can prepare for summer and stay healthy in this season.

Home modifications – It is essential to make home summer ready, so that seniors aren’t overheated in their own house. Make sure that windows are tinted, and have proper weather stripes to keep the sunlight out. Ensure that the air conditioning is in good working condition, and if needed, get it cleaned and repaired in time. Shades or drapes should be in good condition to keep the harsh sunlight out.

Speak to the physician – Some diseases may get worse in summer season or medication may cause side effects due to heat. This is why seniors suffering from different medical conditions should discuss their health and medication with physicians.

Diet – Just like the wardrobe, older adults should change their diet too. Avoid heavy, hot, spicy foods and go for items like salad, fruits etc. Drinking lots of water is also advised.

Change in wardrobe – Like every other person, seniors also need a wardrobe change for summers in order to protect them from heat and its effects. Loose and breathable clothing is needed to keep older adults from getting overheated.

In doing all this, seniors will need their loved ones’ help. If a loved one can’t be there to provide regular help, hiring professionals will be a good idea. Caregivers can care for older adults and help them maintain quality of life.

Always Best Care is recognized provider of in-home care services in Southside Richmond. Speak to their experts at (804) 912-5688 for more information.

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Seniors Get Exceptional Personal Care in Southside Richmond with Always Best Care

Seniors living in the Richmond area, who are interested in getting personal care in Southside Richmond, can rely on Always Best Care for their exceptional in-home care services. Since 1996, Always Best Care has been the premier company in the care giving industry for providing quality and compassionate care to their senior clients. Always Best Care caregivers are always licensed, bonded, and insured, and they undergo thorough background checks so that the senior client and their family can have ultimate peace of mind.

Some of the services that these exceptional caregivers provide include light housecleaning, meal preparation, help with pets, plant care, changing bed linens, morning wake up and evening tuck in, medication reminders, appointment reminders, escorting to various locations like worship services, doctor’s appointments, and others. The Always Best Care caregivers provide a full spectrum of services that fall within the personal care, home helper, and companion categories. The company takes pride in matching the very best caregivers with the very best clients.

Not only does Always Best Care provide seniors with exceptional personal care in Southside Richmond, they also provide free referrals for assisted living in Southside Richmond. Deciding whether to hire in-home care or to transition into an assisted living community can be a difficult task. The Always Best Care professional care coordinators will help you and your family decide which is right for you.

The care coordinator will help narrow down your assisted living community choices to three or four, and from there, will escort you on tours of the facilities. This process is free because it is paid for, ultimately, by the community that is chosen by the senior. Having the care coordinator by your side during tours is an excellent way to gain in-depth knowledge about the communities, while also deciding on which one will best fit your lifestyle.

If you are a senior living in the Richmond area and would like information regarding assisted living in Southside Richmond, or about personal care in Southside Richmond, you can call the Always Best Care Richmond location at (804) 912-5688 today to schedule a free consultation. They look forward to discussing your bright future with you!

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Seniors: How to Manage Pain in the Knees & Hips

Pain in the knees and hips is very common for seniors. It can be due to osteoporosis (which affects over 27 million Americans), and it can also be caused when the cartilage wears away, exposing bones and causing pain when joints move. Here are some ways to combat knee and hip pain:

  • Exercise – although it might seem counterintuitive, exercising will help bring relief to this type of pain. It’s important to start off slowly, and be mindful that mentally, you’ll be fighting against it because you think it will make the pain worse. Try strength training as well as water aerobics, which are great for improving joints and lessening pain.
  • Painkillers – Prescriptions from your doctor and over the counter medications can help relieve hip and knee pain. Never go over the recommended dosage, or the dosage recommended by your doctor, and take the medication before the point when the pain becomes the worst. Make sure to check for any medications that you are currently taking that might interact badly with painkillers.
  • Consider surgery – if the pain is extreme enough, you and your doctor might come to the decision that surgery is your best option. The goal here is to reduce the pain as much as possible. Replacement knee surgery and hip surgeries are very common, and should take care of the pain altogether once the surgery is complete.
  • Lose weight – The weight that the body carries is also carried on its bones and joints. By decreasing the weight, you put less pressure on the bones and joints and therefore, remedy some of the pain. Stay away from fats and fried foods; instead, reach for a banana, apple, the broccoli, lean meats and nuts.

Always Best Care has been in the caregiver industry since 1996. They have assisted over 25,000 seniors during that time, and look forward to helping seniors in the Richmond area who are interested in finding out about senior care in Southside Richmond and companion care in Midlothian. If you are a senior and you live in the Richmond area, please call the Always Best Care Richmond location at (804) 912-5688 today to schedule a free consultation. They look forward to talking with you!

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Keeping Your Body Healthy While Working The Night Shift

The human body has its own circadian rhythm, and that’s why people get tired at night and have more energy throughout the day. When someone works the night shift, they are disrupting their own circadian rhythm, with the potential to wreak havoc on their system and their sleep. Working the night shift can cause sleep disorders, as well as insomnia, and can even have a negative impact on your health. So, if you do find yourself in this position (because everyone has to make a living, right?) what are the ways you can reduce the negative effects on your body?

  • It is likely that when you do sleep, you aren’t get quite enough. Increase your sleep by napping throughout the day when you feel you must. This will help you make up for a lack of quality in your sleep.
  • Rotate shifts as little as possible. It’s hard enough on your body to work the night shift, but when you work the night shift for a couple of weeks, and then switch to the day shift, your body goes into real turmoil. Limit this as much as possible and stay on your own sleep schedule as tightly as you can.
  • Block the light in your bedroom. This might include installing black-out shades and curtains, and even a sleep mask. The sun, trying to get in, is meant to keep you awake and energized, so limit its entrance into your bedroom as much as possible.
  • Only drink coffee or caffeinated beverages at the beginning of your shift. As it gets closer to quitting time, you’ll want to make sure there’s nothing working against you when you go home to sleep.
  • Try to keep the lights at work as bright as possible. By bathing your body and eyes in natural light (full spectrum light is best to replicate the sun), you are helping to regulate your sleep schedule.

Since 1996, Always Best Care has been providing exceptional and compassionate in-home care to seniors all over the United States and Canada. If you live in the Richmond area and would like information regarding senior care in Southside Richmond or are interested in free referrals for assisted living facilities in Southside Richmond, you can call the Always Best Care Richmond location at 804-912-5688 to set up a free consultation. They look forward to being a part of your bright future!

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How To Prevent Back Pain

While there are a number of causes for back pain, and nearly 80% of the population will suffer from it at some point in their lives, there are ways to avoid it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! And back pain can cause a lot of suffering and a huge loss of productivity. Follow these tips for a healthy back and a spring in your step!

  • Maintain a healthy weight. One of the reasons why some people endure back pain is because they are carrying too much extra weight. When you implement a lifestyle of healthy eating, you no longer help gravity in pulling your body downward, creating painful stress along the way.
  • Sleep the right way. Back pain is often borne from sleeping in unusual positions. You can talk to your doctor about sleeping “the right way” and which way would be most beneficial for you. A pillow may be needed to support the back and knees, which may ultimately reduce pain. Stomach sleeping is not recommended because it often causes pain, but it can be accommodated with a pillow beneath the hips.
  • Exercise. What’s great for blood flow and decreasing inflammation? Yes, exercise. Although the thought of participating in exercise might be overwhelming for you while you’re in pain, work up to the amount you can do comfortably. Simply walking is a great place to start. Make sure to stretch before and after to decrease stiffness and pain.
  • Choose comfortable shoes. Heels over one inch can create a lot of pain because muscles in the back are being misaligned. Find comfortable shoes – maybe your doctor can recommend some – to spend most of your day in. Your back will thank you for it!
  • Always lift with your legs. This is sometimes hard to remember but once it happens – you are reminded quickly! Make sure that when you’re doing any type of lifting, that you bend your knees and not your waist. Your leg muscles are much more suited for lifting, and you’ll keep your back in tip top shape.

If you live in the Richmond and surrounding area, and are interested in learning about elder care in Midlothian VA or if you’d like free referrals for assisted living in Southside Richmond, you can contact the Always Best Care Richmond location at 804-912-5688 to set up a free care consultation. They look forward to hearing from you!

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Tackling Dementia And Related Sleep Problems

Sleep problems can occur at any age. However, they are even more likely to happen as we age, and dementia can compound not only the possibility of sleep problems, but also the affects of sleep deprivation. Caregivers need to be aware that they can, along with a senior with dementia, become irritable and emotionally unstable when they don’t get enough sleep.

What are some of the main causes behind sleep problems?

  • As we age, we become more susceptible to sleep-related disorders such as restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, and other sleep breathing disorders.
  • Certain medical conditions can affect sleep such as arthritis, bladder problems, emotional problems, heart and lung issues, and stomach problems like GERD. Alcohol and medication side effects can also cause sleep problems.
  • Beginning in mid-life, we lose about a half an hour of quality sleep every decade. Our sleep becomes more fragmented and it’s easier to wake and stay awake due to other issues.
  • Dementia and other degenerative diseases change a person’s sleep cycle.

Here are some of the ways that a person with dementia (and their caregiver) can improve their sleep cycle:

  • Light therapy has been proven to improve sleep. Whether it’s natural daytime lighting by going outside and being in the sun for at least an hour every day, or via a light therapy lamp, bright light will help keep the circadian cycle in order, and will improve nighttime sleep.
  • Walking throughout the day, or some other form of physical exercise, will create a more natural need for sleep.
  • Keep the nighttime environment peaceful, dark, and quiet.
  • Maintain a regular routine and be consistent with it. Morning wake-ups and evening tuck-ins should be at the same time every day so the body gets in tune with this schedule and comes to depend on it.

There have been many medications prescribed to people with dementia who suffer from sleep problems in an effort to help them sleep more soundly. Some of these include sedatives, tranquilizers, and sleeping pills, and even antipsychotics and over-the-counter sleep aids. Unfortunately, most all of these will have some ill-effect on the senior with dementia, and should be monitored closely through caregivers and doctors. Melatonin and Trazodone tend to be milder with less possibility of side effects, so talk to your doctor about them.

If you live in the Richmond VA area and are interested in finding out about in-home caregivers in Southside Richmond, or about options for assisted living facilities in Midlothian VA, contact the Always Best Care Richmond office at 804-912-5688 to set up a free consultation through a professional Care Coordinator.

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Niche Assisted Living Communities Are Becoming More Popular

Throughout our lives we don’t base our happiness on rudimentary things like if we’re getting enough food and water, and if we have clothing and shelter. While ultimately this might be the best yardstick of happiness, it’s not how humans think or work. Much of our lives are spent building the lifestyle we want to lead – which includes choosing the friends we want to spend our time with, choosing our career, choosing our hobbies, and decorating our homes and environments in a way that is pleasing to us.


So, why should this stop when it’s time to move into an assisted living community? Part of the reason why so many seniors are averse to moving out of their homes and into an assisted living community is because they believe they will have to give up “who they are.” That their independence will be taken away, and they will not be able to lead the life they have spent all of their time creating.

That’s why the rise of niche assisted living communities is gaining in popularity and is being hailed by seniors. When you take an interest and build a community out of that interest, you have a natural aligning of people who are likely to become friends, which seniors can count on to benefit them socially, cognitively, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Some of these niches revolve around the following hobbies, interests and professions:

  • Musicians
  • Art
  • Classic cars
  • Fitness
  • Golf
  • Lifelong learning
  • Military
  • NFL players
  • Postal Workers
  • RV
  • Equestrians
  • Astronomy
  • Cooking
  • Gardening

What’s really at work here is that seniors want increased quality of life, increased independence, and satisfaction from pursuits they enjoy. What are some of the factors involved in a high quality of life?

  • Absence of anxiety and stress – emotional well-being
  • Participating in enjoyable activities
  • Having close interpersonal relationships
  • Intimacy – both body image and sexuality
  • Absence of physical discomfort
  • Ability to participate in all of these activities

If you are a senior and you’re interested in finding out about in-home caregivers in Midlothian, or about Alzheimer care in Midlothian, you can contact the Always Best Care Richmond South office at 804-912-5688 to set up a free consultation. Discover why Always Best Care has been the most highly-respected in-home caregiver in the industry since 1996.