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How to Avoid Catching a Cold

Although catching the common cold might not seem like anything more than just a nuisance, to seniors, it can end in pneumonia, which can be life-threatening. There are some simple actions you can take to avoid catching a cold, and these actions will keep you healthier in general, too.

With millions of cases of the common cold every single year, it’s really no wonder it’s dubbed “common.” It typically takes an individual a week to ten days to recover, but if immunity is lowered (as can be the case in seniors), it can take longer, and it can lead to more serious complications. While there is no cure for a cold once you catch one, try these tips to keep cold viruses at bay.

  1. Keep your home sanitized. Think about all of the items you touch in your home throughout the day. Remote controls, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, sink fixtures, plates, cups, keyboards, etc. If you stay diligent and keep these things clean, you’ll be less likely to pick up a germ on your fingers and develop a cold.
  2. Keep your hands washed and clean. Viruses that cause colds love being on your hands and fingers. Make sure to wash your hands on a regular basis in hot, soapy water, up to your wrists. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and make sure to wash them before and after handling all types of food (especially meats), and after using the restroom.
  3. Just in case a virus hangs on, or you pick up another along the way – get in the habit of not touching your face. People touch their face throughout the day for various reasons, itchy eyes, itchy nose, itchy skin, etc., try to force yourself to keep your hands out of your face so that viruses can’t enter your body through your mouth, eyes, or nose.
  4. Get good sleep. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to build immunity. Don’t let yourself get run down or you will be more susceptible to developing a cold.

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Seniors Get Exceptional Personal Care in Southside Richmond with Always Best Care

Seniors living in the Richmond area, who are interested in getting personal care in Southside Richmond, can rely on Always Best Care for their exceptional in-home care services. Since 1996, Always Best Care has been the premier company in the care giving industry for providing quality and compassionate care to their senior clients. Always Best Care caregivers are always licensed, bonded, and insured, and they undergo thorough background checks so that the senior client and their family can have ultimate peace of mind.

Some of the services that these exceptional caregivers provide include light housecleaning, meal preparation, help with pets, plant care, changing bed linens, morning wake up and evening tuck in, medication reminders, appointment reminders, escorting to various locations like worship services, doctor’s appointments, and others. The Always Best Care caregivers provide a full spectrum of services that fall within the personal care, home helper, and companion categories. The company takes pride in matching the very best caregivers with the very best clients.

Not only does Always Best Care provide seniors with exceptional personal care in Southside Richmond, they also provide free referrals for assisted living in Southside Richmond. Deciding whether to hire in-home care or to transition into an assisted living community can be a difficult task. The Always Best Care professional care coordinators will help you and your family decide which is right for you.

The care coordinator will help narrow down your assisted living community choices to three or four, and from there, will escort you on tours of the facilities. This process is free because it is paid for, ultimately, by the community that is chosen by the senior. Having the care coordinator by your side during tours is an excellent way to gain in-depth knowledge about the communities, while also deciding on which one will best fit your lifestyle.

If you are a senior living in the Richmond area and would like information regarding assisted living in Southside Richmond, or about personal care in Southside Richmond, you can call the Always Best Care Richmond location at (804) 912-5688 today to schedule a free consultation. They look forward to discussing your bright future with you!

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Seniors: How to Manage Pain in the Knees & Hips

Pain in the knees and hips is very common for seniors. It can be due to osteoporosis (which affects over 27 million Americans), and it can also be caused when the cartilage wears away, exposing bones and causing pain when joints move. Here are some ways to combat knee and hip pain:

  • Exercise – although it might seem counterintuitive, exercising will help bring relief to this type of pain. It’s important to start off slowly, and be mindful that mentally, you’ll be fighting against it because you think it will make the pain worse. Try strength training as well as water aerobics, which are great for improving joints and lessening pain.
  • Painkillers – Prescriptions from your doctor and over the counter medications can help relieve hip and knee pain. Never go over the recommended dosage, or the dosage recommended by your doctor, and take the medication before the point when the pain becomes the worst. Make sure to check for any medications that you are currently taking that might interact badly with painkillers.
  • Consider surgery – if the pain is extreme enough, you and your doctor might come to the decision that surgery is your best option. The goal here is to reduce the pain as much as possible. Replacement knee surgery and hip surgeries are very common, and should take care of the pain altogether once the surgery is complete.
  • Lose weight – The weight that the body carries is also carried on its bones and joints. By decreasing the weight, you put less pressure on the bones and joints and therefore, remedy some of the pain. Stay away from fats and fried foods; instead, reach for a banana, apple, the broccoli, lean meats and nuts.

Always Best Care has been in the caregiver industry since 1996. They have assisted over 25,000 seniors during that time, and look forward to helping seniors in the Richmond area who are interested in finding out about senior care in Southside Richmond and companion care in Midlothian. If you are a senior and you live in the Richmond area, please call the Always Best Care Richmond location at (804) 912-5688 today to schedule a free consultation. They look forward to talking with you!